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10 Reasons to get a Naughtons in your life!

    • Award winning pool, spa and landscape designers in regional Victoria. Recognised as leaders in the pool industry by Swimming Pools and Spa Association Victoria.
    • A stress-free experience. We plan and manage each project from conception to construction and completion.
    • Honesty in providing up-front and realistic account of total project cost.
    • Design and install both unique patented ceramic bi-luminate composite pools and concrete pools.
    • A pool which is as maintenance free as technology will permit. The most advanced in-floor self-cleaning system.


  • Assurance that all work is carried out to the highest standards as we are registered/licensed pool builders and structural landscapers, giving you our promise with a guarantee on our workmanship.
  • Piece of mind with a prompt and dependable after sale service – servicing what we sell! Our service continues long after the pool is installed.
  • Free in-house advice when you need it with a dedicated service department.
  • A dedicated landscaping team.
  • An optional “virtual tour” of your proposed swimming pool investment, experiencing what it will look like, both day and night, from any angle, prior to commencement of any construction, using an advanced 3D computer program.


The end result is the pool cleans itself. It is low maintenance, of superior strength and cost efficient pool that is evenly heated for your enjoyment. Speak to us at Naughtons for your lifestyle change.

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