What Naughtons can do for you


Put your feet up and let us look after your pool.

We are proud to be able to service what we sell. We are one of few pool builders to have an in-house SPASA trained service division equipped with a fleet of reliable service vehicles. We are here for reassurance and piece of mind if assistance is needed, delivering quality, convenient pool maintenance and services direct to you. We repair all types of pools, Signature Spas, all pool equipment, chemicals and accessories. We offer:

  1. Regular (monthly or fortnightly) or casual pool cleaning service. Service details include:
    • Full Vacuum (if needed)
    • Test & Balance Water
    • Clean Cell (if needed)
    • Check Equipment
    • Adjust chlorinator to suit.
    • Backwash (if needed)
    • Empty skimmer and pump baskets
    • Brush walls/floor (if needed)
    • Remove leaves/debris
    • Advise of maintenance issues
  2. Onsite repairs
  3. Installation and repair of all pool equipment including pumps, automatic pool cleaners, chlorinators and filters for both domestic and commercial properties
  4. We carry a largest range of spare parts outside of Melbourne. Simply send us a photo and description of the part to be replaced or repaired and we will assist you. Just click here
  5. Water balance on site
  6. Filter Sand Changes
    We recommend the sand in your filter is replaced every 3 years. Over time the filtration process causes water channels to form in the filter sand which means it runs less effectively. When your sand needs replacing, give us a call to schedule it in. Over winter is ideal when your not using your pool.